India Aviation Report 2016

The report suggests that to ensure continuity in growth, it is important for India to broaden the base of domestic flyers by greater air connectivity to 2 and 3 tier cities. Opportunities for Dutch companies lie in various areas, especially in airport design and consultancy, airport infrastructure, baggage handling systems, signage and other specialized equipment. There are also tremendous opportunities in supplying aircraft parts as many of the large aircraft manufacturers are increasingly sourcing from India. This would also mean that Dutch companies should seriously look at setting up manufacturing facilities in India as this will make them more competitive. This can be done either through a partnership with an India company or a 100% fully owned company. Dutch companies, by manufacturing in India, can not only supply to the global aerospace companies, but also cater to the large and growing Indian aviation market, which is poised to become the third largest in the world in a few years’ time.

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