Aquaculture in India

Report outlining the business opportunities in the aquaculture sector in India. In this sector Dutch companies can contribute with high-quality inputs. The potential of catfish and tilapia in freshwater aquaculture offer more opportunities in the domain of production enhancement. However, in this sector most clearly, it is important to adapt to the Indian circumstance of small-scale farming. In both the brackish water and freshwater aquaculture a complete chain approach may be beneficial, since there does not only exist a need for better inputs, but also the infrastructure involved in the post-harvest process is underdeveloped. Awareness creation and promotion of better farm management practices are essential and state governments realize the necessity. Especially with regard to domestic market access, which mainly contributes to the demand for freshwater aquaculture products, this lack of infrastructure and processing facilities hampers market access. A safe first step to enter the Indian aquaculture market can be to focus on the shrimp production for export markets.


Wouter Verhey, Landbouwraad ambassade New Delhi

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