State Carbo chemical Complex Rio Grande d Sul

Brazil has great potential for energy and reserves of coal, specifically in the southern region of Brazil. Therefore we bring to your attention the investments and the search for new technologies that are happening in the South of Brazil, regarding the processes of gasification (from the mineral coal).

A new stage for the creation of a carbo chemical chain in Rio Grande do Sul is about to be fulfilled. The state government is preparing the text of a bill to organize this activity. The matter will be sent to the Legislative Assembly in the last semester of the year.

The State Secretary for Mines and Energy, Artur Lemos Júnior, said that this is a brief project, that will fulfill the requirement of the State Constitution and will legally show the interest of the State in developing this area, giving legal security to the entrepreneurs. The regulations will address issues such as the definition of the location in which the actions related to the carbo chemistry can be practiced, indicate the requirements regarding environmental licensing, and indicating the public policies in the State that may contribute to the sector, among other points.

You can contact the NBSO of Porto Alegre that can forward - in case your company has technologies that fit the project - your interest with those responsible for this project. Further reading on


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