Opportunities in water management in Chennai

The Tamil Nadu Government, along with the city of Chennai has now decided to carry out detailed work related to water management. The government has decided to revamp the entire water infrastructure over 8 years. The master plan has devised projects with three main objectives — flood water conservation, restoration of lakes and flood protection. The first phase of the work is expected to cost around € 1.6 billion. This will consist of a plan to improve 18 major lakes in the Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) and also identify missing links between the network of lakes that led to the flooding. Due to unplanned urbanization, the entire volume of flood water is not transmitted to lakes and the rivers which in turn results in inundating the neighboring localities. The Water Resources Department is also in the process of identifying missing links in water courses that carry flood water from one lake to another. For instance, nearly 21 missing links have been identified in channels that carry surplus among the network of 32 lakes. The Water Resources Department is also looking at making the Adyar river in Chennai navigable and a tourist attraction by stopping the flow of untreated sewage into the river and by desilting it.


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