Equipment for the papar and pulp industry

Due to the inauguration of an industrial plant (second phase) for the pulp and paper sector, there is need off new equipment for the manufacturing plant. Besides the huge investment, there´s plenty of opportunities for new equipments to be offered.

Equipment for the Paper and Pulp Industry
The prospect of a possible increase in demand for paper products led Phenix Indústria e Comércio de Filtros Ltda, located in the district of Rondinha Nova, in the city of Arroio do Sal, to invest R$ 11 million in the purchase of new equipment and expansion of the industrial unit.

The industry of manufacture of forming fabrics, felts and spiral dryer fabrics for machines used in the pulp and paper industry employs 42 workers. With this investment, it will double the current production of 12 forming fabrics/month and 15 felts/month.

Focusing on this positive scenario, Phenix managers informed officials of the State Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology of the company’s plans to expand the physical facilities and import new equipment from Germany.


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