Chinese hub looking for Dutch food products

Opportunities to sell Dutch food products directly in Central China

The direct rail network between China and Europe is currently expanding rapidly, with several direct freight train connections established between Chinese and European cities.

One of the cities that can be directly reached by train from Europe is Zhengzhou. This is a major transportation hub based in Central China. There is a direct freight connection linking Zhengzhou to Duisburg and Hamburg, among other European cities.

The company operating the Zhenghou-Europe block trains, is looking to directly import Dutch food products. Zhengzhou International Hub is a state owned company based in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Besides operating the Zhengzhou-Europe block train, the company is active in international trade and has imported a wide range of European food products, which are distributed via online and offline platforms.

Zhengzhou International Hub is looking to get in direct touch with producers of food products in the Netherlands to establish a long-term partnership. Trading companies are not considered at this moment.

Below is a range of food products the company is interested to import:

Drinks, beer and other alcoholic beverages
Edible oil (e.g. olive oil)
Snacks, chocolate, pasta
Milk and dairy products


If you are interested in selling your food products directly in Central China, please contact the Netherlands Business Support Office Wuhan.

Phone: +86 27-85766511