1st seawater desalination plant in Hong Kong

The first desalination plant in Hong Kong is under planning

Water Supplies Department of the Hong Kong Government would like to invite prospective bidders for delivery of this key water infrastructure project. The Hong Kong Government (i.e. Water Supplies Department, WSD) will own this seawater desalination project. The project will be delivered either under D&B (design-build) or DBO (design- build-operate) arrangement with estimated cost of 1.2 bln euro (HK$9 bln).

Key components of the project:
• Formation of the reserved site of about 10 hectares in TKO Area 137.
• Design and construction of the proposed desalination plant including:
o Seawater treatment components using RO technology
o Intake pipes, intake pumping station and outfall pipes,Administration building
o Laboratory, maintenance workshop,Chemical building and chlorine building
o Sludge filter press building, Fresh water pumping station

Dutch companies/institutes convey following services or techniques could be the interested partners for this upcoming desalination plant tender that foreseen to be released in 2018 and expected the facilities to be commenced in 2020.
- Experienced in water infrastructure projects, especially reserves osmosis (RO) technology for seawater purification,
- robustness means to improve water purification including energy conservation aspects,
- on-site liquid chlorine generation for water disinfection,
- process gas or biogas power generation unit which obtained from the nearby landfill site.


Interested Dutch companies are welcomed to contact Consulate General of the Netherlands in Hong Kong directly for the latest project status.
E: betty.liu@minbuza.nl