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Expansion of dairy business in South Brazil

Cooperative Piá inaugurated last March the expansion of its new yogurt factory in Nova Petrópolis. The construction works started in 2011. With the physical expansion of this plant site, the cooperative’s production capacity will be 450 tons per day of fermented products (dairy drinks and yogurt), butter, curd, marmalade, three times greater than the current capacity, of 150 tons per day. Piá’s management informed the investiment is of R$85 million. The modernization of the industrial park will increase food safety, lower manufacturing costs and, consequently, increase the commercial capacity of markets such as Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo.

Nowadays the Dutch dairy industry is one of the most consolidated in the world. It is dominated by the cooperative structure. This situation stems from a longstanding tradition in the Netherlands: cooperatives owned by dairy farmers have been in place since the early days of the dairy industry. Besides export, the Netherlands is also a major importer of dairy produce, because the country is an important entrepôt, re-exporting much of its imports to the rest of Europe and beyond. Thus, the Netherlands also functions as a kind of springboard into other markets in Western Europe and the world. So, from the information above the Dutch Dairy sector, perhaps, can benefit of its expertise in order to do business in South Brazil.

[16/03/2017] – Source: Milk Point Industry- https://www.milkpoint.com.br/


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