Opportunities for Dutch companies
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This sector sketch has been performed by the NBSO Brazil office in Belo Horizonte. It brings an overview of mining activity in Brazil, its relevance to the Brazilian economy and a closer look at Minas Gerais, the most important mining state. Furthermore, it brings an overview of the Brazilian and foreign mining companies active in Brazil and their main activities.

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LNG markt in Zuid-China

De vraag naar vloeibaar aardgas (Liquefied Natural Gas of LNG) neemt sterk toe in China. Er worden momenteel onder andere in Shenzhen en Rudong terminals gebouwd om gas op te slaan. Doordat de overheid deze markt wil openen voor buitenlandse spelers zijn er naast deze projecten kansen op het gebied van opslag, logistiek, materiaal en faciliteiten.

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Bioeconomie Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a stable and safe business & investors climate.
Pineapple production generates approximately 4.5 million tonnes crop residue each year that can be used for multiple industrial applications, like paper, plastic, biogas and more.
There are subsidies, funds and investors available for Dutch companies which want to do business in Costa Rica.

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